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This facet of Tech-Expo consists of engineering students from various colleges across India to showcase their projects which solve real world problems currently existing in the society today. Check out list of domains. A stringent selection process will shortlist the best ideas/teams who can participate at this project exhibition. Ample amount of time will be given to the shortlisted teams to prepare their projects for the same.


Attractive Cash Prizes for the Winning Teams

1st Prize : ₹20000

2nd Prize : ₹15000

3rd Prize : ₹12000

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Steps For Students

Step 1:

Find a team. The minimum number of members in a team is 2 and maximum is 4.

Step 2:

Take a look at our problem domains.

Step 3:

Select a domain you wish to work on. Here, you have to find a problem statement under that domain before you begin to work on a solution for it. Ex: Under the domain ‘Reduction of Crime and Theft’, your problem statement may be ‘To provide a more feasible way to deal with theft detection ’.

Step 4:

Register with us and send us your abstract at .
The Last date for registering is September 21th (extended).
Registration fee is ₹100 per member which is to be paid if your abstract is shortlisted. Only the team leader is supposed to submit the abstract on behalf of the team.

Step 5:

The shortlisted teams will be allowed to participate and exhibit their projects on 6th October 2018.

All the best!

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  1. Waste Management in Urban Area
  2. Solution to combat Global Warming / Climate Change
  3. Medical Solution that would increase average life expectancy of humans / animals
  4. Better techniques/machines for Agriculture
  5. Smarter ways of living (Ex:Smart Home model)
  6. Traffic Management in Urban Areas
  7. Women’s Safety
  8. Child Safety
  9. Child Labour Elimination
  10. Sanitation
  11. Improved Education System
  12. Improved Transport System in Urban Area
  13. Fossil Fuel Reduction
  14. Food (Ex: System to make sure the minimal nutrition is received by infants)
  15. Rural Area Improvement
  16. Revival of Rivers
  17. Improved Health Care Systems
  18. Revenue Strengthening System(Ex: Tourist Recommendation System)
  19. Smart Cities
  20. Fake News Differentiation
  21. Drug Addiction
  22. Delivery of Fresh drinking water
  23. Cleaner Energy
  24. Soil Erosion
  25. Faster Justice System in India (Ex: Build an intelligent model that can ensure improved Justice System)
  26. Accident Prevention
  27. Improved Connectivity
  28. Combat Power Shortage
  29. Improved Governance
  30. Space Technology
  31. Emergency Systems
  32. Reduction of Crime and Theft
  33. Employment
  34. Documentation (Ex:System that ensures easy documentation for the government.)
  35. Combating Poverty
  36. Safe Payment Mechanism
  37. National Security
  38. Improvement of Small Scale Industries
  39. Biomedical Devices and Aid for differently abled
  40. Endangerment of Animals (Ex:System to report the activity of endangered animals in specified area )
  41. Infrastructure
  42. Cyber Security
  43. Cyber Bullying
  44. Natural Disaster Survival
  45. Mental Health (Ex: System that can detect mental health issues based on behaviour/sleep pattern, etc)
  46. Violence and Abuse
  47. Improve the lives of Tribals in India
  48. Deforestation
  49. Data Security
  50. Preventing proliferation of weapons in the society (Ex: System that ensures limited number of guns in a locality)

*If you have an idea that solves a real-world problem but does not come under any of the mentioned domains, just send us your idea and your own domain name, we will definitely review it! *

Registrations are closed

We are glad to inform you that out of 122 teams we have selected 55 teams across different colleges of India. Congrats to all those who are selected and we encourage you to kindly start the developement of your project.


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